A spaceship heads deep into the sun's corona.

A Voyage Into The Heart Of Fire,
And The Deaths Of Millions.

Did you even watch a film and feel you could have written something better?

Well, that’s what happened one Easter with the release of the movie “Sunshine”.  On watching it I felt it was such an insult to the audience that I decided, same day, to write my own, better script:  “Solar Flare” .


In 2007, on Good Friday afternoon I sat with a friend to watch the film “Sunrise”, and laughed.

What appeared to be a serious science fiction film of a handful of scientists in a desperate mission to save the world, turned into a giggle of nonsense and a standard haunted house story of several idiots trapped in a “cabin in the woods”, alone, adrift form civilization and slowly going insane.

And it was insane, a story that could have been far better was waiting to happen, something that could be seriously scientific, far more dramatic and less likely to make you scratch your head about the technicalities and the drama of such a thrilling adventure to the heart of the sun’s corona.

SOMETHING had to be done, and I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind for hours. By the evening I decided it was possible, there was a real story that, and I would write it.

Three weeks later I completed the first draft of “Solar Flare”.

Solar Flare

On a secret mission to save their world the small crews of the ship “Solar Flare” must confront the dark secrets hidden in their ship and the horrors to be unleashed.

A small team of astronauts and scientists must complete a top secret mission if they are to save their world from nightmares. On a voyage to penetrate the fury of the sun’s fires they must survive solitude, the burdens of their secret mission and an unknown forces loose onboard their vessel.

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