Image of Predator for Predator Hunt speculative script by Michael Bond.

Michael Bond’s interpretation of a reboot for the Predator series.

Dateline: Friday, 27th, June, 2014.


As there is now talk of doing a new Predator film here is my contribution to the debate.  This is an idea that has been in the back of my mind for many years to reboot the Predator franchise.

I’ll try to publish samples from the script as and when I write it in the next few days, weeks, whenever.

Welcome to the Predator Hunt.

Illustration of Predator for Predator Hunt speculative script by Michael Bond.

Predator Hunt

Pitch:  An old soldier returns to confront long-past nightmares and conquer his fears. In the process he may save or destroy the world.

(It’s big, it’s nasty and it deserves a really good stabbing, but it’s sneaky, it’s advanced technology and it’s more sneaky.  So let’s get sneakier.  It’s time for a Predator Hunt.)

NOTES & Diary:-

morning, Mon. 30/June/2014 – I’m writing this off the top of my head, this is a rough first draft based on memory of my notes from twenty years ago.  I’ve misplaced the notes so I’m having to recreate this on-the-fly.  There will by typos, a few mistakes and more.

morning, Mon. 30/June/2014 – “Anna” in the first two pages, is pure coincidence that I plucked that name out and may not have anything to do with the “Anna” from the very first Predator movie, or does it..?

morning, Mon. 30/June/2014 – This is not a typical Predator/Alien story.  I’m trying to add more intelligence, spin the story around non-Hollywood muscle-brained approaches and hint as much deeper maturity in much of the background and action.  This has brains, and not all splattered across the jungle floor, well mostly.

morning, Mon. 30/June/2014 – I’m tired of idiot scripts in the Predator/Alien series, let’s do better.

afternoon, Mon. 30/June/2014 – Added one costume illustration: JungleSprinter

morning, Tue, 1/July/2014 – Paul the Predator appears  Added additional illustration of Predator beside Downloads.

morning, Fri. 4/July/2014 -I’ve identified a number of commercial spin-off opportunities from elements in this project which could offset film production risk and enhance world-wide popular participation.  Including video games, game arenas, hunting arenas/courses, clothes, weapons.  I assert and reserve all IP design, patent and copy and other applicable rights for these elements.

7.48am, Thurs. 10/July/2014 – I wonder if this could be extended and developed into a TV series, if we could get Game of Thrones scale budgets?

8.26am, Thurs. 10/July/2014 – I hope this can be more accurate for real-world military conduct, following all the year’s we’ve seen special forces in combat after 9/11.  We need a greater realism if this is to be a greater story.  I can’t promise this will be militarily accurate in every detail at this draft stage but that can be fixed in later drafts with a good ex-forces consultant.

10.58am,Sun. 13/July/2014  – New story universe?  First in a new series – The Predator War?

8.35pm,Sun. 13/July/2014 – Funding Available??  Commercial financial risk can be reduced once I’ve completed principal fund-raising for another key project.  After this I should have credit lines to fund the entire project series.

13/July/2014 – At p29.  Will take a week or two off to contemplate the jungle combat scenes – these are going to be interesting, to choreograph several combats and many characters – and design a Duk to raise funds for future productions.

14/August/2014 – Managed to complete the Duk in time but been set back on the Predator work.  Will get back to it as soon as possible… 

21/November/2014 – I have taken time out review the current set and correct a few typos and rewrite a few lines.  All the above pages have new been replaced with new sets, so if you downloaded them previously you might want to get the new set from pages 1 to 32.
Thought you might like the additional illustration (left) to tease you!

31/December/2014 – Managed to make time for a few more pages – 33 onwards.

1/January/2015 NOTE:  I noticed the font and page layout was wrong, looks like the fount had dropped off my system during the last major edit, so all pages 1-31 have been reformatted back to the correct font.  If you have already downloaded those early pages it is best to do it again so you are in-line with the rest of the script when it comes.

13/March/2015 – Now made a new push to complete another batch of pages.

5/July/2015 – Cleared the next nine pages (48-56).  I may now have resolved the key final confrontation scene that’s been holding me back for months.  That will come next.

13/July/2015 – Completed, first rough draft. Hope you like it.  Plus a few footnotes about the project for your entertainment.

31/August/2015Death in family. Everything suspended. It may be some time before I can come back to this. “I’ll be back.”

14/September/2018 – “I’m back”. Compiled the whole script as one download, with small tweaks to the first page to sharpen it a little.  You can download this or refer to the original “Chapters” as they were originally produced and published below.

22/November/2020 – Latest news reports/rumours suggest another Predator film to be produced.  To be written and directed by Patrick Aison and Dan Trachtenberg respectively this will not be a continuation of the previous film.  To be produced by John Davies, who has been involved continuously in the Predator series since the original film.  The big question here is: will it be better than Michael’s speculative effort Predator Hunt.  Enjoy reading the spec. script from Michael now and then judge for yourself.

30/June/2022 – Over the last six months I’ve been mulling over how to make best use of my creative work, abandon it or switch out to a “parallel universe” and focus on the characters I own? Valenta makes an intriguing possibility to spin out her own show, her science and patient research.
(To Be Continued..?)

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Illustration of Predator for Predator Hunt speculative script by Michael Bond.

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